Extraordinary times...

"We are living in extraordinary times. Significant forces in global communication, workflow, and education are converging to realign power, wealth, and work"

- Folkestad & Banning, 2008

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James E. Folkestad

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"Edgility is having the capability to leverage the power of networks (Edge Power) to rapidly learn and innovate in order to compete globally for work." -

Folkestad, 2009

What is Edgility?

Edgility is a principle that I have chosen to guide me as I rethink learning, organizations, and processes in a new era of information abundance. It is having the ability to rapidly learn and innovate using the power of networks (edge power).

What is Edge Power?

Edge Power is about shifting from a push system of education (mass-produced education) to a pull system of learning (mass-customization). Moving from a set of monopoly suppliers of education (schools) to a learning marketplace. Edge Power is about supporting peer-to-peer learning relationships and information exchanges that empower individuals to rapidly adapt, learn, and innovate.

Why is Edgility important?

Edgility is important because the world as we know it has changed. We live in a world in which we must acquire new knowledge and skills on a continuous basis. In addition, in the digital era, routine tasks that were once done by humans are now being digitized and automated or global distributed (sourced) to lower cost workers. The jobs that remain are those that require workers to innovate solutions. In order to compete in this environment we must increase our ability to learn and innovate, we must increase our Edgility.

How can you improve your Edgility?

You can improve your Edgility by looking for ecosystems that support the open exchange of information and embody a network of learners who can help you to translate information into actionable knowledge.

Networking technologies are emerging that can help you find or build such ecosystems. It is important that you begin to explore these technologies and find and build your learning and innovation support network. My list of Edgility Tools is a starting point.

However, simply learning how to use these Edgility Tools is not enough. In fact many new users abandon these tools discounting them because they don't recognize the value. The value comes when individuals spend time to build their digital literacy, move from consumers to producers, and shift from relying on educational systems to engaging in networked learning.

Back to school? Maybe not...

I argue that it is difficult to build Edgility in the traditional classroom. Here is why...

The traditional education system was built for an industrial era. To a large extent it teaches and reinforces the ideas of mass-production. This learning ecosystem teaches us that knowledge is scarce (the faculty have it) and that it is to be passively consumed (we as learners are to sit and absorb it). We consume information as it is prescribed to us through this mass-delivery method. The traditional learning ecosystem does little to break us out of our industrial era mind set... and is failing to help build our Edgility.

We are working to understand networked-based learning in the traditional classroom. Please visit the Resource page to find links to groups working to create new learning ecosystems.